MRIZ - Chimera (Digipak Compact Disc)
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MRIZ - Chimera (Digipak Compact Disc)

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4 panel digipak compact disc,
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The debut album from MRIZ!
Singer-Songwriter MRIZ blends a retro-modern sound paired with expressive vocals and a profound message to create an emotional experience that is both unfamiliar and captivating.

"...the mix of different influences is precisely what makes “Freakshow” such a compelling and distinctive track, which is pop, but also quite experimental and haunting due to the daring soundscapes and intelligent production." - TBD

MRIZ web:

Sound of Love
Love Will Kill You
Dream, boy
Inherently Jealous
Staring at the Lines

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Love Will Kill You
Sound Of Love
Sound Of Love (Producer's Vision)

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