The Vagues - Live In Amsterdam
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The Vagues - Live In Amsterdam

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A rough ghetto-blaster recording of a rehearsal by The Vagues from 1992.

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01. Ah, What A Life 
02. Blinded By Delight
03. She's On My Side
04. Hanging
05. Leave Me
06. More Decembre
07. Romance
08. Mr. Temporary
09. The Art Of Wanting
10. He's So...
11. Mainline Baby
12. Blinded By Delight (Chris On Guitar) (bonus track)
13. She's On My Side (Chris On Guitar) (bonus track)
14. Leave Me (Chris On Guitar) (bonus track)

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Released August 6 1992

Written by Chris G. Simmons
Performed by The Vagues:
Chris G. Simmons - Voice, Guitar
That Pat Joyce - Bass
James Hadzopolous - Guitar
Billy Allmon - Drums
Robert Diaz - Backing Voice

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